About Me

A Brief description about me

My name is David El-Melky – but to many I’m known as David Melky. I live in Sydney, Australia, in a small suburb called Minchinbury. I’m a hyperrealist artist who appreciates tangible quality and finely detailed art. Painting has always been my life passion. The joy of expressing myself on a canvas and the challenge of executing photo-like Hyperrealism and surrealism paintings drives me. 

To me, painting is a special time where I can harmonize myself spiritually and physically through days – even months – of solace, where my mind is at ease and my thoughts come alive on the canvas. I spend most of my time praying to God, asking for help and inspiration, as I see those feelings and ideas animate almost unwittingly. What can I say – I love it. 

Something that’s unique to my style is the use of ultra-smooth surfaces and the gruelling process of concealing the evidence of brush marks, making my work often comparable to photos. 

I always choose my subjects carefully. What I enjoy most is trying to incorporate the use of directional/dynamic lighting with the goal of capturing that deep emotional expression. 

As for my work as a tutor for advanced fine art, words cannot express the feeling I get when I see my students progress to become confident and professional artists right before my eyes. Witnessing their journey and their smiles along the way gives me the chills – I wouldn’t swap it for a thing. 

Along with painting, I also love photography and music. This manifests not only in the paintings I do, but also in all my other public work. For example, most of my videos have my music in the background – you can also see me playing some pieces here

My background

I was born in 1964 in a heavily art-influenced family. My father was an amazing sculptor, but interestingly enough could never draw or paint. My older sisters used to draw designs for him, and when my time came at the ripe age of 7, I started to draw the sculptures for him with my sisters. My interest in painting started not long after that. The first oil painting I did was when I was 12 years old, and by the age of 16 I was painting fine art at a professional level. Some of my childhood work can be seen here.

I studied Civil Engineering in collage and went straight to university afterwards to study Fine Art (painting and sculpturing). By the end of my university years, I was working 3-4 jobs daily: A graphics artist in the morning, a fashion designer in the afternoon and an oil painter after hours I also juggled photography on weekends.

Since January 2010, I’ve been a part time tutor for advanced fine art, while the rest of my time I’m heavily involved in my paintings – I love every bit of it.

I have more recently been entering my work into exhibitions and come up with some great results – see below:

Exhibition history

2012 – Parramatta Art Exhibition (won people’s choice award)

2013 – Parramatta emerging artists (won people’s choice award)

2016 – City of Ryde Art Society exhibition

2018 – Castle Hill Art Society - Orange blossom exhibition (won 1st prize)

2018 – City of Parramatta Art Society - Foundation week exhibition (won 1st Prize)

2019 – Art of Sydney, Combined Art Societies at the Maritime Museum  (won People’s Choice Prize)

2019 – Castle Hill Art Society - Orange blossom exhibition (won 1st prize & People’s Choice Prize)

2019 – City of Parramatta Art Society - Foundation week exhibition (won 3rd Prize)

2019 – City of Ryde Art Society - Annual Art exhibition (won 1st Prize)

2019 – Blacktown Art Centre (Finalist)

2020 – Art of Sydney 2020 at the Maritime Museum  (won People’s Choice Prize)

2020 – City of Parramatta Art Society - Foundation week exhibition (won 1st Prize)

2020 - Blacktown Art Centre (Finalist)

2021 – Art of Sydney, Combined Art Societies  (won 1st Prize)  

Some of my work in action

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